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Welfare Prerequisites

Is it too much to ask that we drug test any and all welfare recipients???

Consider how much money the federal government will save – even after including all the testing and administrative costs – and giving those recipients an incentive to stop using illegal substances.

But then again, that would make too much sense. In other words, no seria suficiente complicado… CMC. – Bobby Nz

I think it would be fiscally irresponsible to conduct random drug testing of welfare recipients/applicants.

FACT:  Before Michigan stopped randomly drug testing welfare applicants only 10% of recipients tested positive for drugs. Only 3% tested positive for drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines – rates that are in line with the drug use rates of the general population.

The money you would be spending to administer the tests would not be paid by the savings from not paying those that fail the drug test.

FACT:  According to the Department of Education the average cost of a drug test is about $42 per person tested, not including the costs of hiring personnel to administer the tests, to ensure confidentiality of results and to run confirmatory tests to guard against false positives resulting from cross-identification with legal, prescription drugs such as codeine and legal substances such as poppy seeds.



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