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Pelosi Emanuel
My suggestion- Can you feel my stimulus package?

This pic most likely is not fair to comment on because I am sure this is one of those moments that is not even close to what it seems like (sorry if I sound like President Clinton, but “eso pasa.”). Anyway my suggestions:

(1) Name that penis!

(2) Let me show you my “manufactured anger”

(3) Can I show you what my member of congress supports?

(4) You’re worth all $4500 of the C4C program

(5) I am going Chuck Norris on your booty

(6) Can I be your San Francisco treat

(7) Madam Speaker, can you speak into my microphone

(8) Is that the “Sex Panther” scent I smell… the one that works “60% of the time, all the time”

(9) Can I be the mojo on your yuca

… and last but not least, (10) Can I occupy your “town hall”

– Bobby Nz



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