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Hollywood stars visit Cuba amid U.S.-Cuba thaw

Sean Penn is likely the leader of the pack… followed by Danny Glover. Can someone, ANYONE, please provide me with a logical – operative word: logical – explaination as to why artsy-fartsy people just so happen to embrace communism and/or socialism (word is Johnny Depp resides in France due to his affinity for socialism) before I blow a proverbial gasket??? – Bobby Nz

I WILL PROVIDE you with a quasi-logical explanation – before you hurt yourself… If it’s logic you seek, I don’t have it.  But what I can tell you, if it’s any consolation is that members of both parties are guilty here my friend.  There is no need to tell you what team Arnold Schwarzenegger plays for…and  James Caan & Robert Duvall are both proud, card carrying Republicans (who happen to love communism too??).


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