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Gov\’t Spending Shatters Postwar Records

“Spending in recent years has been around 20 percent. But for 2009, government spending is forecast to be 28.1 percent of the GDP, a 34 percent increase from 2008 and the highest since 1945.” – NY Post

I know I’m going to get a lot of people telling me that all these different federal programs and/or agencies are “necessary” but stop and think for a second just how the federal gov’t has interferred with Americans, capitalism, and the so-called free market we hold so dear to our hearts – unless you’re a stinking socialist/communist.

P.S.  According to the I.R.S., the top 50% of U.S. taxpayers paid 37 times what the bottom 50% paid in 2007. In other words, redistribution has been taking place under a “R.I.N.O.” (Republican In Name Only), i.e. George W. Bush.

– Bobby Nz

They want you to keep drinking that cool aid, and get pissed about having to pay for the poor.  If you look at your stat a little closer do you honestly think there’s any reason why they just so happen to set the bar at 50%?  I’ll tell you, to make you feel like one of them…    Redistribution of wealth has steadily been happening for over 30 years.  When Reagan gained control of the nation’s economy, and completely deregulated it and lifted all kinds of lending laws and freed the market – the middle class begun to get crushed by the wealthy few….  The Wealth Gap has slowly killed the middle class.

Modern day-Capitalism inevitably leads to a few men exploiting the rest of society, funny how Communism leads same thing, the only real difference is that they work for different companies, err governments.



That red line = Salaries of the Board of Directors at Top 500 Companies

The problem in this nation isn’t about stimulus or putting people back to work. It’s not about paying for Social Security or Health Care. It’s not about green shoots or growing your own food or any of that bullshit.  The problem is Greed of the few who can – which has been financed by the DEBT of the rest, including the Government.

When Obama tries to pass the consumer protection laws his team has been working on which is one of the strongest regulation laws on the Financial Sector, WATCH HOW MANY TIMES the words COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM will be thrown around on TV shows, radio, etc. (Media outlets owned by the same people who are in that 1%).  Watch how the Pundits will tout the free market and your liberties etc…while they use the free market to get you to the same place…..



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