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The Obama Cult – Economist.com … July 23, 2009

Jul 23rd 2009

If Barack Obama disappoints his supporters, they will have only
themselves to blame


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Obama\’s Job Approval Hits New Low of 52%

I think I’m going to leave the heavy lifting to Andy on this one. Mostly because there isn’t much for me to say (the proof is in the pudding). I am curious to see what “The Sleuth” (aka Andy) will uncover. – Bobby Nz

Actually there isnt much lifting to do…  it’s obvious that the honeymoon is over.  This is closer to what best can be expected from a president who inherited a country in shambles and on the brink of economic collapse.  Need I remind you that Bush had an approval rating of 25% shortly before leaving office and spent the majority of his whole second term below well below 50%.


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